Deciding Where To Get Married – A Handy Guide

Getting married involves a fair bit of planning, it’s safe to say. Deciding the theme of the wedding is important, but one of the most important things you should consider is where it is you’re actually going to be married. There’s many factors which decide where it is you’re going to be married, and we’re taking a look at some of them here.

Where do YOU want to be married?

One of the first and most important things to consider when you choose to get married is where it is you actually want to be married in the first place. Now, the relatives of both people may have suggestions, as will your friends, but the final choice falls to you. Is there a particular place you’d want to be married? For some people, they both have an ideal vision of the place they get married in which is basically the same thing. For those people whose visions of an ideal wedding aren’t as harmonious as you’d like, finding a middle ground is critical. Try to find somewhere which suits you both, as the marriage is equally about you as it is your partner.

How easily can people get there?

Getting married on a beach in another country or in a quiet little village somewhere is a wonderful idea if that is what you want, but is it going to be easy for people to get to? When you get married, you’ll need to think about the wedding guests you’ll be inviting, and how easy it’ll be for them to attend. If you’re going abroad, then you’d need to notify people around half a year before so they can get passports renewed if they need to. Making sure you take into consideration where people can get to and where they can’t is also an important factor.

Also, consider transport to your wedding – do you want to be chauffeur driven to your wedding in a luxurious car? The answer is probably yes, so we’ve carried out some research and here are a couple of suggestions – Fife wedding car hire by

What kind of theme would go best with your choice?

It’s important that the theme of your wedding and the location marry up as well as you and your partner do. If you’re going for a very traditional wedding like a church, then a traditional theme is going to compliment that better than a wild theme with all kinds of colours and styles. Likewise, if you have a very modern and offbeat location in mind, the theme of a traditional tuxedo and wedding dress may not apply for the type of wedding you’re having. We’ve even been to some weddings whereby the traditional wedding dress was nowhere to be seen, istead the bride’s dress was from a UK prom dresses shop in London called Dynasty.

Overall, choosing a wedding location is something which is entirely down to personal preference, and should be a choice that both you and your partner are happy with. Making sure that you have selected somewhere which is good for you both, and is also somewhere that will allow you to have the theme you want and be a place guests can get to easily will ensure that your wedding is successful. Your location is one of the most important elements of your entire wedding, and should be chosen with great care and consideration, as you’ll only ever hopefully be married once.

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